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Enigma of Fear

Art Direction ● Concept Art ● Pixel Art

Enigma of Fear is a 2.5D game, with the original visuals aiming for a cartoonish yet sober project, with a sense of horror and density but still retaining a charismatic feel in the characters, with subtle references to old-school playstation 2 graphics and camera.

The main focus in Enigma of Fear was to respect the visual elements original IP,the RPG series “Paranormal Order” but still give something original and imersive as the first game of the franchise.

With a blend of 2D pixel art characters with a 3D modeling for environments and enemies, we achieved a incredible moody atmosphere. Furthermore, the camera choice, isometric yet very cinematic, shows a significant portion of the scenery, allowing for greater composition control and presentation of the universe to be explorated.

Pixel Art - Concept


Pixel Art- ShieldMaiden

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